Add an automatic signature to your emails, instructions for use

Setting up an e-signature at the end of your e-mails allows you to add relevant information, such as first and last name, postal address, phone number, or the address of a blog or picture. This manipulation is quite simple to perform, depending on the type of information you want to include, and allows you to leave your signature automatically at the end of each message.

How to find an info quickly on Google?

Your search on Google did not bring you the expected info? To begin, make sure you have used the right keywords ("headache" is more effective than "I have a headache"). If that is not enough, several tools will help you refine your search. Want to know the latest facts and actions of your favorite actor?

After 85 years, widows released

Should we become a widow to finally find peace? The question is provocative and obviously, can not be the subject of abusive generalizations, but an English study delivers astonishing conclusions. The psychiatrists behind this research have established that, while women are more depressed and subject to mental disorders than men for most of their lives, this trend has reversed over the last 85 years.

The moving fight of a retiree for stray dogs

Without her, these adorable hairballs would probably have ended up on a plate. But Jung Myoung Sook is a sensitive and tenacious woman. This Korean has been fighting the same fight for 26 years: to collect stray dogs and save from death those who are destined to end their lives at the bottom of a plate.

And now a library dedicated to orgasm

If you lack inspiration, here's something to tantalize your next nights or naughty naps. The Spanish brand of chic sextoys, Bijoux indiscrets, has harvested more than 300 orgasms of women. Febrile, stifled, joyful or downright explosive ... It is a real mapping of the vibrations and zones (always specified) of the feminine pleasure that proposes its sound library, put on line on a dedicated site.

A tear of locust in your cocktail?

Insects may be the food of tomorrow. But for now, millions of people are still reluctant to eat a cricket or chocolate filled with mealworms. Now, no need to chew, insects drink! Developed by two American designers, Lucy Knops and Julia Plevin, Critter Bitters is a flavor of grilled locust, supposed to replace bitter in cocktails.