Car rental, exclusively female benefits

More than half of the rental agency customers are women (51%). Good news, to seduce us the renters compete with appreciable commercial gestures. We benefit!

I have access to preferential rates

The attractive rates are numerous, from the weekend package with 30% discount offered up to eight times a year to the rentals by the day or the hour, at reduced rate, by way of long-term proposals, for fifteen days of holidays for example. Promotions offered free access or linked to loyalty cards according to the signs.

Thus, at Sixt Location, the dedicated Ladies Card is provided free on request. Once in your pocket, it offers you at least 10% discount on all the prices of the brand: passenger cars, but also movers or luxury limousines! Sometimes even more depending on the promotion periods during the year.

The card also allows you to accumulate bonuses for each rental, in the form of miles of airlines and partner hotels, as well as permanent discounts at fashion stores, jewelers, etc.

I can be upgraded free of charget

Several brands, including National Citer, offer a special offer for women with free upgrade (subject to availability) and up to 35% discount on rates depending on the time of year! In other words, you book a small city Renault Twingo type and you can find for the same price behind the wheel of a Peugeot 308.

At National Citer, in addition to the free upgrade and discounts, the formula includes partial redemptions of theft and damage deductibles and reimbursement of the "porter in the station" service, up to 3 bags.

I can benefit from broken price options

Borrowing a baby seat or a booster seat to transport children safely, ask a GPS not to get lost can quickly be very expensive: 10 to 30 € per day supplement. Except for women who have access to frequent free on these equipment, either during special promotions or throughout the year via loyalty cards and other programs that are reserved for us.

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