Gastroenteritis: what are the symptoms and how to treat it?

Infection very contagious, gastroenteritis affects small and large ... Stomach ache, raised, abdominal cramps, learn to detect the symptoms and discover .how to heal quickly.

What is gastroenteritis?

The gastroenteritis is an infection of the digestive system that causes nausea, vomiting, as well as abdominal cramps. It mainly affects young children, the elderly, and hospital and school staff, and is very easily transmitted. It is for this reason that we often speak epidemic gastroenteritis during the winter period.

What are the symptoms of gastroenteritis?

The symptoms of the gastro often appear very brutally. they are numerous and can be very painful according to the patients. The latter therefore suffer from:


• Vomiting

• Loss of appetite

• Diarrhea

• Great tiredness

• abdominal pain (cramps)

• Headache

• A little fever

How to cure gastroenteritis?

Many soft methods to treat the symptoms related to gastro:

First remedy : gently massage your belly with 10 to 20 drops of essential oil of pepper mint that you have previously mixed with vegetable oil of macadamia. Repeat the operation 2 to 3 times a day. Otherwise, an application of 3 drops on the wrists can relieve you.

Second remedy: drink from tisane ! They have the advantage of rehydrating you while relieving your stomach subjected to a severe test. Opt for plants such as lemon balm, linden, chamomile and mint. 20 grams of this mixture of plants in infusion is enough to get you back on your feet!

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