Pelvic algae: what do these pains mean in the lower abdomen?

You have sharp pains in the lower abdomen? Maybe it's pelvic pain? These stomach pains can have different causes but no panic, there are several ways to overcome them. Explanations.

Pelvic arthritis, what is it?

Pelvic pain correspond to sudden pains, located in the lower abdomen, above the vagina and to the center of the spine. These pains are manifested simultaneously with bladder problems and a frequent urge to urinate. In general, pelvic pain starts a few days before rules in women of childbearing age.

Acute or chronic, a pelvic pain is painful and difficult to interpret. Depending on the case, the pain oscillates between tugging, tearing or the feeling of receiving a punch in the lower abdomen.

A pain in the lower abdomen can be of several types:

• Urinary: you have difficulty urinating with the sensation of burning during urination

• Digestive: you have problems with transit and bloating

• Gynecological: your sex is painful, you have vaginal discharge and a disturbed menstrual cycle

In addition to their impact on the body, pelvic pain also has consequences Psychological order may cause the patient to suffer anxiety or depression.

Pain in the lower abdomen: what are the causes of pelvic arthritis?

There are several sources that can cause pelvic pain and different stages of pain. If the latter is really strong, go to your practitioner for further examination.

  • a mycosis vaginal badly looked after
  • a bacterial origin
  • viral as after a herpes
  • in case of ectopic pregnancy
  • in case of miscarriage
  • presence of an ovarian cyst
  • in case of cystitis
  • endometriosis

Lower abdominal pain: what to do in case of pelvic arthritis?

If you suffer from pelvic pain, several solutions are available to you.

You can first opt ​​for the method the most classic by taking painkillers like paracetamol. These medications can relieve your pain and reduce abdominal cramps.

If there is no reason to know exactly why you are in pain, practitioners will turn to a reason of order psychomatique and therefore may ask to carry out a psychological follow-up with the patient.

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