Panic crisis: advice from a young woman to help her fiancé react well

What attitude do you face in a panic attack? A young woman accustomed to this phenomenon gives 15 tips to react well.

Feeling of suffocating, fear of dying, heart beating faster and faster, hot flashes ... Anxiety attacks or panic attacks can occur at any time and are often impressive.

If they usually end up happening alone after several tens of minutes or hours, some reflexes can help soothe the person who suffers.

So, how to react to such a phenomenon? This is the question that a young man asked his companion, Kelsey Darragh, accustomed to anxiety attacks. To answer this, the 29-year-old American had the good idea to make a list, which she called "15 realistic things you can do to help me through a panic attack."

Advice that she decided to share with the greatest number last May, by publishing this list on Twitter. Since then, his message has been retweeted almost 11,000 times.

I have panic & anxiety disorder. My boyfriend does not want to understand it. SO I made him this list! Feel free to share ur loved ones that need guidance!

- Kelsey Darragh (@kelseydarragh) May 11, 2018

15 tips for dealing with a panic attack

1. Know that I'm scared and that I'm not able to explain why, so please, do not freak or be angry with me.

2. Go get my meds if they are nearby and make sure I take them.

3. The breathing exercises will frustrate me but they are vital. Make sure that I synchronize my breathing with yours.

4. Talk to me gently about things we could do together to change my mind. Do not tell me what I need and what I should do and listen when I say "no" to something.

5. If I have a panic attack with dissociation, remind me that it has happened to me already and that it will happen! It's still happening but it's scary, so tell me some funny things about me or about our life together that will make me smile or laugh.

6. The sips of water can be useful, but do not tell me what to eat or drink, because believe me, I'm going to vomit.

7. Continue to breathe with me!

8. If we can leave where we are, bring me home!

9. Please, be really nice to me. I do not feel myself and I am embarrassed. I already feel guilty for doing this to you, so do not be frustrated.

10. Sometimes a very big and long hug helps me feel safe.

11. Helping me breathe is difficult but it's the key to everything!

12. If I'm really bad, call my mother, my sister or my best friend and pass them on the phone!

13. Tell me not to fight and let the panic crisis pass. The more I try to control myself, the more you try to control me, the worse it will be.

14. Show empathy with me! You do not understand what's happening to me, but you understand me!

15. Once the crisis is over, discuss the subject with me. How did you react? What more can we do next time?

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