Motion sickness: magic glasses promise to get rid of them

More than 30 million Europeans are prone to motion sickness. The car manufacturer Citroën today launches glasses that would correct this problem once worn.

If summer is synonymous with relaxation for holidaymakers, for 30 million Europeans the journey to the holiday spot is a source of stress and anxiety. And this, because they are subject to motion sickness.

Positioning yourself at the front of the car, not leaving on an empty stomach or choosing homeopathic solutions can be effective in fighting cold sweats, vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, acceleration of breathing and pain. heads, symptoms of this inconvenience.

Glasses that recreate the skyline

How do they work? Based on a technology developed by a French company, they are deprived of glasses but consist of two rings in which there is a colored liquid.

As a result, they recreate the skyline and allow "in mind to resynchronize with the movement perceived by the inner ear while the eyes were fixed on an immobile object like a smartphone or a book ", explains Citroën. This paramedical device, patented and tested, has an effectiveness rate of 95%"But this year, accessories can also relieve symptoms. The French car manufacturer Citroën launches Friday, July 13 glasses which, according to the brand, "eliminate motion sickness". A novelty called SEETROËN.

The time of transport, they are placed on the nose, like frames of view or sun and are active after about ten minutes. The glasses are suitable for adults and children over 10 years old.

The SEETROËN glasses are on sale today for € 99 on the Citroën lifestyle shop.

Glasses connected to prevent falling asleep at the wheel

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