Why not wear a wet swimsuit too long

Keeping a wet swimsuit too long on one's body is not recommended. You are told why this bad habit can cause skin and gynecological discomfort.

Summer has started since a few weeks and swimsuits are already appearing. They are, like you, all excited about the idea of ​​strolling on a beach or by the pool. Once the bathing is over, many are stuck on the body of their owner while they are still wet. A bad habit that is not without consequences for the health, especially that of the private parts of women.

Hello fungal infections and urinary tract infections!

Wearing a wet swimsuit too long can lead to skin problems such as gynecology. In addition to irritation of the skin, discomfort in the genital area may occur. The most common ? Fungus and urinary tract infections that are not serious if treated quickly but remain very unpleasant.

Why is the risk of developing fungal infection or infection increasing with wet clothing? Fungi and bacteria proliferate in wet, dark areas. Some individuals are at higher risk: women, more prone to fungal infections, and people on treatment, such as diabetics, who have weakened immune systems.

In case of fungal infections, go to a pharmacy where non-prescription drugs and vaginal anti-fungal solutions are available. In the case of a urinary infection, it is necessary to quickly make an appointment with a doctor and to drink a lot of water while waiting for the consultation.

Attention to inflammation of the vagina

The fabric of a wet swimsuit absorbs chemicals and bacteria in the water. These substances, locked in clothes, are in contact with the private parts. They can disrupt the balance of good bacteria in the vagina and harmful organisms can also migrate into the urethra. Both can cause diseases such as vaginitis, inflammation of the vagina.

Symptoms range from irritation to itching, abnormal vaginal discharge (smelly, unusual color) and pain in the vulva or vagina. It can also be caused by viruses, parasites or microscopic fungi. What to do in case of symptoms? Consult an obstetrician gynecologist.

How to avoid these health problems?

It is not always practical but it is important to change at the end of the swim. Slip another swimsuit into your bag, and change where you can. Taking good practice will allow you to spend a vacation without hindrance.

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