Watching football boosts the brains of seniors!

The semi-final of the Blues against the Red Devils gave you some cold sweats? You broke your voice with "WE'RE IN FINAL"? Well, do you think it's good for your health! Watching a football match would be good for the brain, especially for seniors.

In any case, this is what psychiatrist Alistair Burns asserts in the columns of the Subway British: "I imagine that fans are not yet able to perceive it, but the soccer can be very good for the nerves. A beautiful match can really help the body and mindthere is a positive connection between watching football and brain activity. "

Stimulate emotional memory

For their mental health, seniors would actually be more interested in seeing the old games that have marked them: " For the elderly and more specifically those with dementia, re-watching matches can bring back memories, remind people of the past and keep their brains on the move "says Professor Burns, Clinical Director of Dementia Programs at the National Health Service in England.

This phenomenon is related to emotional memory - one of the two main types of memory in the brain - which brings together all the memories associated with intense emotion. Reliving powerful moments (like a semi-final world cup, both stressful and exciting) can stimulate this type of memory, strengthening brain activity.

A finding that the British association Sporting Memories Foundation already uses to help isolated elderly people: it fights against dementia and depression by rebroadcasting great sporting moments " Every week, we observe the positive impact of these major sporting events on the physical and mental well-being of members of our group, many of whom live with dementia. ", said the co-founder of the association Subway.

Come on the Blues, we count on you to win this final Sunday ... Our mental health depends on it!

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