Vegetable drinks: beware of confusion

Even though the Court of Justice of the European Union has decided to ban the denomination "milk" and products derived from milk (cheese, cream, butter and yoghurt) for vegetable juices and preparations, there are still many confusions in the consumer spirit.

Soymilk must now be called beverage or soya juice, but among consumers, plant-based products are still often confused with dairy products.

According to a study conducted by Audirep for Cniel, nearly one in three French thinks, and wrongly that drinks or vegetable desserts contain milk. A confusion that can have serious consequences, especially in infants.

Indeed, vegetable drinks are not recommended for babies under one year because they are low in calcium, lack of B12 vitamins and contain little protein.

Their exclusive consumption leads to deficiency of iron, calcium and vitamins, which can cause a slowing of growth and brain development, but also infectious complications.

A plant-fed baby has even recently died of malnutrition.

But the study reveals that nearly one in five French people say that vegetable drinks are child-friendly and more than six in ten think that these juices can replace cow's milk ...

Remember that the WHO recommends the breastfeeding or the use of infant milks until the age of six months, and that for cases of lactose intolerance of the infant, specific preparations can replace milk, but only on prescription of the doctor.

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