Summer aperitifs: 10 tips to avoid hangovers

The evenings that drag on are among the many pleasures that we want to enjoy during the holidays. But so that migraines and nausea do not spoil precious moments of relaxation, we launch a plan of action anti hangover.

On waking, we still regret the excesses of the day before, promising that we will never do it again.

The symptoms are there: migraine, intense thirst, nausea, muscular pains, vertigo, hypersensitivity to noise and light, irritability ... That the consequences of a drunken evening manifest together or separately, we just want to stay in bed .

The best anti hangover is of course to moderate its consumption of alcoholic beverages, but after a "skid" there are still some solutions for this famous lead cap does not spoil a nice day of vacation.

Discover all our tips anti hangover to limit the after-effects of an excess of alcohol, as well as the good reflexes to adopt before, during and after an aperitif likely to continue.

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