Water retention: 5 reflexes to adopt to get rid of

To feel lighter, you put on foods that deflate. And we hydrate his body properly. All the keys to heal his plate and refine.

The factors causing water retention are not lacking: heat, hormonal fluctuations, salt abuse, medications (progestins, corticosteroids ...). This excess of water in the tissues can be localized ("pudgy" fingers, swollen ankles, bags under the eyes) or, more generally, with the uncomfortable sensation of being "swollen everywhere". When the phenomenon is sudden, you should check with your doctor that this is not a sign of an underlying disease (hypertension, heart failure or kidney ...). Otherwise, water retention can be reduced by moving more (lively aquatic activities!) And eating healthier

Against water retention: favor vegetables rich in potassium

With sodium (salt), this mineral manages the body's hydric and acid-base balance. This precious potassium is essential for the proper functioning of the kidneys, it reduces water retention by decreasing sodium levels and increasing urine production. The recommended intakes are 3,500 mg per day, but they are often below (on average 2,500 mg). If we love seaweed, so much better because it is the star source! Otherwise, you put in your basket: asparagus, artichoke, cucumber, fennel, daikon, arugula, avocado, peppers, zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, leeks ... and all kinds of aromatic herbs.

The nutrition benchmark: 3,500 mg of potassium = 100 g of artichoke + 300 g of mushroom + 200 g of avocado + 300 g of fennel

Infant salad : Grate cucumber and daikon, mix with grilled sesame oil, a little tamari sauce (reduced salt) and rice vinegar. Add steamed asparagus, al dente lentils, and arugula. Garnish with diced apricots and crushed hazelnuts.

The slim gaspacho: 1 avocado + 1 green pepper steamed + 1 cm fresh ginger + 1 lime. Mix everything finely, then add water. Serve chilled with mint and a little lacto-fermented tofu crumbled on top.

In case of water retention: alleviate digestion

The more the digestion is slow, the more the sensations of swelling are increased. According to tradition, in Chinese medicine, the "spleen" (a concept equivalent to the digestive system) is said to produce "moisture" when it is weakened or overloaded. To facilitate the work of the digestive organs, the priority is therefore to reduce the quantities of food. And to revive the "digestive force", we use spices.

The basic rule : consume at each meal two portions of solid foods (cooked or raw), a portion of liquid (water, herbal tea, vegetable broth) and a portion of "empty", which means, according to Asian dietetics, that it must stop eating before feeling full.

The booster mix : reduce to powder 1 tbsp. to s. fennel seed, coriander, caraway, Sichuan pepper, anise. A mix to sprinkle on its dishes that gives flavor, digests, and also avoids salt.

The speed digest menu : vegetable tian (eggplant / zucchini / mushroom / tomato) + cod carpaccio marinated in lemon and fresh herbs + banana baked in its skin.

Against water retention: moderate salt

Excess salt (or sodium chloride) is one of the major causes of water retention because it "holds" water in the tissues. That's why we inflate! And if we are thirsty after eating a very salty dish, it is because our body needs water to eliminate excess sodium. We consume on average 12 g of salt while the WHO advises to be below 6 g! Dr. Eric Lorrain, Phytotherapist and Nutritionist *, recommends not to exceed 3 g! And it is fast: 1/4 baguette = 1 g, ¼ liter of soup in bag = 2 g, 1 slice of ham (50 g) = 1 g.* author of "50 plant solutions for your daily health", Tallandier edition)

Three tips "detox" : Limit industrial foods and no salt cellar! To get used to your palate, you can replace the salt with potassium chloride (Herbamare Diet Vogel) or, better, potassium citrate (K salt Pilèje).

Drink water to avoid ... water retention

Drinking too much water, or not enough, impairs the kidneys. But it's useless to make a fixette on the famous "we must drink 1.5 liters of water a day". Because everything counts, starting with vegetables that are 90% made of water ... and if, in addition, we favor those rich in potassium and salt is limited, it already reduces naturally water retention. "The right indicator of sufficient hydration, that is to say, able to compensate water losses according to temperature and activity, is the amount of urine.The perfect diuresis should be around 1.5 l If we are below, then we must drink more, "advises Dr. Lorrain. What waters? Rather spring waters.

The smart idea : drink the cooking juices of vegetables (leek + asparagus + broccoli for example), unsalted obviously! Then, these vegetables stuffed with potassium will be a delight seasoned with lemon and organic olive oil first cold pressed.

Triple action infusion : orthosiphon, piloselle and meadowsweet to mix in equal parts (to buy from a herbalist). This recipe prevents the leakage of potassium, promotes the functioning of the emunctory organs (kidneys, intestines ...) and decongests the tissues. To drink out of meals in small cure 2 times a day for ten days and punctually when one inflates.

To fight against water retention: limit additives

Another good reason to turn away from ready-made foods like 3-cheese pizza or bacon quiche! Because these industrial products are a den of additives based on inorganic phosphate (E 450, E 451 ...), chemical molecules that serve to increase the water retention in food (thus artificially increasing their weight!) And, a fortiori, in the tissues of the body! Not to mention that all these products explode salt quotas. A simple bowl of commercial soup contains 3 g! So, we cook as much as we can. And to accelerate the rebalancing of body fluids, we can do a little cure of ten days: 1 dose of QuantaAlkalin (Phytoquant), to drink between dinner and bedtime.

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