How to tell if your brain is healthy

The brains of people who feel younger than their age would have the structural features of a younger brain, according to a new South Korean study.

"Age is in the head". This sentence, we've all heard it before, without really paying attention. She could be truthful though! In any case, this is what suggests a study published in the journal Frontiers in Ageing Neuroscience: to feel young would be the sign of a brain in good health!

To arrive at such a conclusion, South Korean researchers have studied the relationship between subjective age and the actual age of the brain. They performed MRIs on 68 healthy volunteers, ages 59 to 84, to quantify gray matter in different regions of their brains. Participants also completed a questionnaire in which they indicated whether they felt older or younger than their age.

As a result, volunteers who reported feeling younger than their age had more gray matter in the inferior frontal gyrus and upper temporal gyrus associated with language, speech, and sound. They were also more likely to score well on a memory test and less likely to be depressed.

"People who feel older than their age should evaluate their lifestyle, habits and activities as they contribute to brain aging and take steps to better care for their brain health."concludes Jeanyung Chey, lead author of the study.

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