Medications soon to be prescribed by your pharmacist?

While vaccination against influenza in pharmacy is being tested in France since last winter and some pharmacies offer to test our moles, a team of international researchers wonders if it would be beneficial to further expand the range of pharmacists. How? 'Or' What ? By giving them the right - traditionally reserved for doctors - to write their own orders.

By crossing several studies from around the world involving multiple stakeholders including pharmacists, patients, doctors, nurses and more generally "health users", the researchers drew a rather positive conclusion * about the prescription by pharmacists. The main benefits identified were: easier access to health services and increased patient proximity, optimized use of pharmacists' skills and knowledge, as well as reduced workload for physicians and therefore a reduced waiting time for making appointments.

On the side of the adverse effects that such a change might cause, scientists note, among other things, the moral responsibility to prescribe, the organizational problems and the perceived or actual lack of skills of pharmacists in diagnosis.

A proposal (quite consultative for now) that may not be unanimous among general practitioners ... And at home?

* study presented in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

Video: Prescription Drug Abuse: Educating Pharmacists, Teens and Patients (November 2019).


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