Cancer: Pilates exercises that do good

Sport is an ally of choice to fight the disease. Discover Pilates exercises adapted to anti-cancer treatments.

Improved posture, flexibility, muscle building ... Pilates is good! In addition to having multiple benefits, this gentle discipline is suitable for everyone, even those who follow anti-cancer treatments.

And yes, because physical activity is recommended to people who face the disease! The benefit of Pilates? It can be practiced under any conditions and adapts without problem to different contexts.

That's why physiotherapist Jocelyne Rolland, in partnership with Laroche-Posay, has developed several exercises that are easy to perform in the hospital waiting room and even during chemotherapy.

Adopt the right posture

Before starting the session, sit on a chair, lay your feet flat on the floor and stand up.

For this, place your hands down your back and make sure your physiological lumbar fossa is in place.

During the exercises, do not forget to inspire when you relax, to exhale when you stretch, that is to say during the effort, and to keep a good posture.

Pilates in the waiting room

Exercise 1 : stretch one leg while keeping your lumbar fossa, then put your foot down. Perform this movement twice with each leg.

Exercise 2: always have one leg extended, raise the opposite arm. Rest your hands in your lumbar fossa and then extend the other leg and raise the other arm. Repeat this gesture twice on each side.

Exercise 3: lift one knee, then the other. Then associate your hands to this movement, as if you were walking.

Exercise 4: stick your back on the back of your chair, then place a scarf or sweater in your lumbar hollow. Cross your fingers and pull your elbows forward, then raise your arms up if possible.

Exercise 5: put your hands under your seat, hook your fingers on the seat and try to pull. Repeat this exercise 4 times.

Exercise 6: put your hands on your shoulders and lean forward while keeping your back straight. Perform this movement 4 times.

Exercise 7: place one hand under the seat of your chair, raise the other arm to the ceiling, then stretch to the side.

Exercise 8: approach the edge of your chair and place your hands on the seat, your knees or your shoulders. Lean forward and lift yourself from the seat slowly. Repeat this gesture 4 or more times.

Listen to your body

Even during the administration of chemotherapy, it is possible to perform Pilates exercises.

For this, it is advisable to ask the health care staff, to be careful with the catheter and the infusion, but also to listen to his body, to avoid any discomfort or pain.

The trick: breathe well, make the movements at your own pace and rest between each exercise!

Pilates during chemotherapy

Exercise 1 : lie down and rest your head against your chair or bed. Cross your fingers and stretch your elbows. Raise your arms as high as you can.

Exercise 2: put your hands on the armrests of your chair and raise your pelvis. Repeat this exercise 4 times.

Exercise 3: stretch one leg and bend the other. Contract the muscle of the stretched thigh and pull the tip of your foot towards you. Repeat this movement 2 times on each side.

Exercise 4: again, stretch one leg and bend the other. Lift slightly the leg stretched over the bed.

Exercise 5: both hands flat on the armrests, press as hard as possible. Repeat this gesture 4 times.

Exercise 6: grab your fingers, hook them and pull as hard as you can.

Exercise 7: stretch one leg and relax your hips by gently pulling one knee toward you without moving your lumbar. Repeat this exercise 2 times on each side.

Exercise 8: step on one knee and press lightly with your opposite hand. Do this gesture 2 times on each side.

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