Why you should work hard when you have diabetes

In order to reduce the risk of diabetes, a recent discovery ensures that triceps, muscles that are able to protect the pancreas when they are contracted, should be stretched further.

There is a link between our triceps and diabetes: this is revealed by the recent work carried out by researchers from European Center for Diabetes Studies of Strasbourg.

According to this study, conducted in collaboration with a Danish team from Center of Inflammation and Metabolism and a Swiss team from University Medical Center from Geneva, muscling his arms, especially his triceps, could help protect the pancreas.

However, as the researchers remind us in this study published in the journal Nature, the pancreas is precisely the organ that secretes insulin, in case of failure of it, there is a risk of diabetes.

Why this muscle in particular? Because triceps is a muscle in the back of the arm that consumes more glucose than other muscles. By exercising regularly, which particularly requires this muscle, people affected by diabetes, could reduce the risk by protecting their pancreas. Also, during contractions, the triceps secrete a substance capable of improving the performance of the pancreas.

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