Stress, anxiety: are you really zen? Take the test!

How does stress affect you? To find out, take the test that follows! And improve your score with tips that will take you back to the path of serenity.

To feel "good in his head" can not be dissociated from "good in his body". Very Eastern, this holistic approach is the one adopted by psychologists who study happiness and quality of life.

Every emotion has a physical translation (and vice versa). It is therefore interesting to evaluate the physiological register, that is to say what happens concretely at the level of the body to appreciate the psychological stability.

So, to take the path of zenitude in a good way, start by observing yourself. The answers to the questions that follow, including your reactions to an event or your balance between private and professional life, will give you the keys to (re) finding inner calm.

After answering the questions, for each profile, (you are balanced, you are too agitated or you are weakened), find the right exo to do to relax or be even more successful, and a method to test, adapted to your problem ... And now, take the test!

Video: How to stay calm when you know you'll be stressed. Daniel Levitin (November 2019).


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