Turmeric, a gold spice for seniors!

Ubiquitous in Indian cuisine, this millenary rhizome is also essential in our dishes. We love it for its exotic flavor that boosts any recipe and for its recognized qualities which, they, boost our health.

It promotes the stabilization of blood sugar, limiting cravings. According to a recent US study, curcumin, the most active antioxidant in turmeric, would also reduce the absorption of cholesterol. A real anti-kilos weapon!

Essential remedy of Ayurvedic traditional medicine, this spice has valuable anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended for people with joint pain: a daily dose would help reduce stiffness and functional discomfort, especially in cases of chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

With its powerful antioxidant power, turmeric helps protect the body from aging: it fights free radicals present in our environment (pollution, stress, unbalanced diet ...), which damage the cells of our body. Interesting also to maintain the youth capital of our skin.

True ally of a light digestion, it has no equal to protect the liver and the gastrointestinal system. Gastritis, digestive disorders, stomach pains: nothing resists him! It would also be effective in relieving nausea.

His secret boot? Curcumin, which, according to in vitro studies, would slow the growth of cancerous tumors, especially in cases of breast, prostate or pancreatic cancer. Turmeric could also slow down the development of tumor cells thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Video: Turmeric, the Gold Spice, Health benefits of Turmeric (November 2019).


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