Allergenic, carcinogenic: why should you always wash new clothes before wearing them?

Nonylphenols, formaldehyde, phthalates and other toxic compounds are often found in new clothes that we buy ... To try to get rid of them before they come in contact with the skin, a machine wash is essential.

TheNational Agency for Health Security and Food, Environment and Labor (ANSES) in a recent press release, the risk of allergies and skin irritations and itchings when the skin comes into contact with these chemicals is mentioned in textile articles.

After making an inventory of the complaints filed by customers of different brands, tests were conducted from samples of new clothes, from the outlets in question. "These analyzes have confirmed the presence of certain families of chemical substances, nonylphenols, nonylphenols ethoxylates or formaldehyde, as well as substances that can lead to contact dermatitis"explains the ANSES press release.

In addition to its recommendations to the authorities as well as to those responsible for the placing on the market of clothing textiles, "ANSES recommends that consumers be made aware of the importance of washing, before wearing for the first time, any clothing likely to come into contact with the skin, following the washing recommendations recommended by the manufacturer".

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