Cancer: discovery of a supermolecule

American researchers have made a promising discovery in the field of anticancer treatments: they have managed to generate a supermolecule (an assembly of different molecules) that helps the body to defend against the disease by destroying cancer cells. Precisely, this treatment of a new kind stimulates the action of macrophages, white blood cells that the immune system uses to "engulf" unwanted invaders.

A scientific team from Harvard Medical School has developed a drug from this supermolecule, which they injected into mice with aggressive breast and skin tumors.

Result: Ten days after the injection, the tumors of the treated mice had greatly decreased. But the biggest challenge for scientists is how the supermolecule gets rid of malignant cells: " After injection of the supermolecule, macrophages could clearly be seen eating cancer cells from mice ", says one of the authors of the study published in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering.

This treatment would even allow macrophages to discern the false messages sent by the cancer cells to not be eaten, preventing them from continuing their spread.

An innovative and completely new technique that researchers hope to test on humans within a few years.


Video: Computing cures: discovery through the lens of a computational microscope (November 2019).


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