Testosterone would push men to crack for luxury goods

Men who received a testosterone dose showed a preference for luxury products. The effect of testosterone would be related to the behavior of animals.

Testosterone would have an influence on the choice of certain products. This is revealed by a study conducted by researchers at the Wharton School, a business school in Philadelphia. The results were published on Tuesday, July 3 in the journal Nature Communications. They reveal that the male sex hormone (women also produce it in lower doses) would increase men's inclination for brands and products perceived as "prestigious".

The authors of the study conducted an experiment with 243 men aged 18 to 55 years. Half received a dose of testosterone beforehand. The researchers administered the second group a placebo. Participants then had to choose duets of products of equivalent quality, but of different brands.

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Conclusion: the group of men who received the dose of testosterone showed a greater preference for products that could be described as luxury. How to explain this phenomenon ? According to the authors of the study, possessing "prestigious" products are associated with a high social rank. This allows to signal his "class" in human society as in animals: the peacock with its tail, or the deer with its antlers. The effect of testosterone "is related to animal behavior, in which testosterone generally increases during the breeding season and promotes the sending of signals to potential partners or competitors", informs the specialist. Future studies must be conducted to complete these results.

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