Fertility: Gentlemen, eating nuts would improve the quality of your sperm

Nuts, especially nuts, would improve the quality of men's sperm. This is revealed in a recently released study conducted by researchers at a Spanish university.

Nuts would improve sperm quality. This is the result of a study relayed Saturday by AFP. To carry out their research, researchers at Rovira i Virgili University in Reus (Spain) separated 119 men aged 18 to 35 into two groups. All were in "healthy". One of the groups was keeping "their usual Western diet without nuts", while the second group completed this same mode of feeding by including "60 grams a day ofa mixture of almonds, hazelnuts and nuts".

Appraisal: after 14 weeks, the sperm of the second group was of better quality. Indeed, scientists have noticed an improvement "about 16% in the number of spermatozoa, 4% in their vitality, 6% in their mobility, and 1% in their morphology" they say in a statement from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

An unproven correlation

These parameters are important for male fertility. However, the study's lead author and biologist Albert Salas-Huetos says it's premature to recommend to all men who wish to become a father to eat nuts. "We can not say that based solely on the results of this study, but there is growing evidence in research that changes toward a healthier life, such as a healthy diet, could help with the design " says the author, who remains cautious. In addition, as reported by The Guardian, the study was funded by a nut farmer, the International Nut and Dried Food Council.

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