Tinnitus: What if we tested mindfulness meditation?

Buzzing, whistling ... these auditory genes are common. A pathology yet not taken seriously enough.

A new British study compared the effects of mindfulness meditation with sophrology, a method already used to help patients with chronic tinnitus. These two soft methods are a little different. The first is a mental discipline that leads to relax and live fully the present moment. The second is a relaxation technique that aims to help you become aware of your body and mind. 75 tinnitus patients tested one or the other of these alternatives. As a result, "Mindfulness meditation treatment led to significantly greater reductions in tinnitus severity than relaxation, and this improvement lasted longer," says one of the researchers and co-authors of the study.

This "detox" of the mind, which encourages letting go, would therefore have a positive influence, by lowering the intrusion of these annoying noises, for which there are no medical treatments today.

A new track to follow for the 14 to 17 million French declaring to suffer from tinnitus ...

Video: Mayo Clinic Minute: Is tinnitus causing that ringing in your ear? (November 2019).


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