Sweating, cravings, greasy hair ... 16 inconveniences that happen during our periods

Mood swings, sleep disorders, stomach cramps, excessive sweating: During the period of menstruation, many women suffer from psychological and physical discomfort. Find out what are the most common symptoms during the menstrual cycle.

At the top of the most common symptoms during menstruation, we find stomach pain and bloating. Some women suffer from cramps in the lower abdomen and complain of pain before and after the cycle. The solution ? Massage your stomach, or apply a heat source (like a hot water bottle for example). In case of persistent pain, taking analgesics may be necessary.

Also well known, mood swings are not uncommon during this fluctuation of hormones ... Irritability, susceptibility, stress and anxiety are non-negligible inconveniences during this period!

The quality of sleep can also be affected: the body temperature increases during menstruation and can cause night sweats, while migraines and fatigue can delay sleep.

Other inconveniences, less known exist, such as cravings, greasy hair or hot flashes ...

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