8 foods filled with water to quench their thirst and hydrate this summer

Cucumber, watermelon, melon ... What are the foods that quench and moisturize? Here are 8 refreshing foods to eat in the summer.

If in summer the sun and the heat lift us up, pay attention to their harmful effects on health: among others, dehydration. Water is the main source of hydration. During a heat wave, the government recommends drinking regularly and without waiting to be thirsty, at least a liter and a half to two liters per day, except in case of medical contraindication.

You can also eat fruits as well as raw vegetables. These foods, often filled with water, allow you to drink if you drink close enough, and they also refresh. You can eat them as an aperitif, as an appetizer, but also as a snack.

Discover without delay the 8 foods filled with water to quench your thirst and hydrate in the summer.

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