Scared of bites: soon new painless syringes inspired by mosquitoes

Perform an injection or a sample without fear or pain? This is the idea we had of American researchers. And for that, they were inspired ... mosquitoes!

If mosquito bites are feared, it is because they cause itching, not because they are painful. But how do mosquitoes sting without hurting? This is the question posed by researchers at the Ohio State University (USA).

For the purpose of a study, published in the Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, they analyzed the proboscis, that is the trunk that allows mosquitoes to pierce the skin.

They found that this one has a saw-like shape, is composed of flexible and rigid parts, but also that it diffuses a numbing agent and emits a vibration when it comes in contact with the skin. The combination of these four elements would be the secret of a painless sting.

That's why the researchers were inspired, to imagine a micro-syringe, consisting of two needles. The first would diffuse a numbing agent, while the second would inject or take blood. The latter, like the proboscis of mosquitoes, would have the form of a saw, would be composed of flexible and rigid parts, and emit vibrations.

This unique micro-needle would obviously be more expensive than a conventional syringe and could not be used for all injections and specimens. But it could well change the life of the belonéphobes, who have a panic fear of the classic needles!

Soon blood tests without sting!

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