5 exercises to adopt the positive attitude

Directly from positive psychology, here are reflexes well-being to adopt according to your state of mind and your needs of the moment.

The gratitude journal

Every evening, we note in a notebook three events - even minimal ones - that gave us pleasure during the day. Boris Charpentier, psychologist and specialist in positive psychology, advises taking the time to visualize them to develop a deep feeling of recognition.

The glass half full

At the end of the week, we list all the unpleasant things that have happened during the last days. Then we dig our heads to find two positive aspects in each of them. Another way to consider the small worries of everyday life.

The bucket list

This is a compilation of everything one would like to do in life, including the most far-fetched ideas. Listing them makes things more real, and opens the field of possibilities! "For this to be effective, we must stay in the action and plan concrete plans to carry out certain projects", completes the psychologist.

The mood tracker

This calendar identifies the elements that affect our mental state. Every day, we color it according to our mood, following a pre-established code. And regularly, we look if we lean on the side all black or bright things!

Positive visualization

Studies have shown that what we imagine in pictures in his head leaves the same trace in the brain as what we live. Just close your eyes, relax and watch yourself overcoming obstacles, enjoy a perfect day, or achieve this project that is important to us. An easy way to fight limiting thoughts and build confidence in the future.

Video: How To Reprogram Your Mind for Positive Thinking (November 2019).


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