5 tips for exercising when it's hot

Hydration, holding, intensity ... Discover the right actions to play sports when the temperatures are high.

When mercury climbs, physical activity requires special precautions.

And for good reason: athletes are exposed to the dreaded heat stroke, which causes fever, dizziness, headaches, nausea or eye disorders, and can have serious consequences on health .

To avoid getting there, just adopt the right reflexes!

1. Stop the beginners!

On sunny days make you want to start or resume physical activity? Bad idea !

Heat and sport do not mix well, let alone if you are not in good physical condition, not trained or if you suffer from chronic diseases, especially heart.

A little patience ... When the temperatures have dropped, resume the sport will be an option again. Provided to do it gradually!

2. Avoid the sport in the afternoon

Do sports in the summer, why not. Still need to choose his moment! The practice of a sporting activity in the afternoon is prohibited because it is the hottest hours of the day!

Prefer to indulge in physical activity in the morning or evening, when temperatures are still reasonable.

3. Stay hydrated

We know that drinking water is a sinequanone condition when you play sports. A reflex that must be adopted before being thirsty!

The High Council of Public Health advises to consume 200 ml to 300 ml of water every 30 minutes before exercise, then every 15 to 20 minutes during and after exercise.

But that's not all ! To hydrate yourself, also spray your face and neck with regular water.

4. Ban the intense efforts

It's out of the question to beat your running speed record or to lift as much as you can when it's hot! When temperatures are high, you must protect yourself, avoiding intense sports involving cardio activity for example.

Prefer softer physical activities like yoga, walking or water aerobics. It's also an opportunity to make new discoveries!

5. Protect yourself from the heat

If you are trained, in good physical condition and you decide to play sports despite high temperatures, make sure you are well equipped!

It all starts with sportswear: opt for loose, airy and clear clothes. The hat and sunglasses are also required, as well as sunscreen, to protect your skin from UV.

To protect yourself from the heat, avoid staying in the sun during your workouts. Choose a place in the shade or airy if you play sports indoors.

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