Endometriosis: chronic fatigue, a symptom that can alert

Among the symptoms related to endometriosis, a gynecological disease affecting 1 in 7 women, chronic fatigue is still unknown, as revealed in a recent international study.

Although pelvic pain is one of the well-known symptoms of endometriosis, chronic fatigue remains a common but underestimated sign of this gynecological disease.

This is revealed in an international study, conducted on more than 1,100 women, and published in the medical journal Human Reproduction.

Researchers observed on this panel of women, half of whom had endometriosis, that women affected by this pathology were twice as likely to suffer from chronic fatigue.

And this remains valid, even by excluding certain factors related to endometriosis, such as pain or insomnia, as stated by Professor Brigitte Leeners, lead author of the study: "Our work suggests that endometriosis has an effect on fatigue that is independent of other factors and can not be attributed to the symptoms of the disease."

The first hypothesis put forward would be that "endometrial lesions could cause inflammation that activates the immune system". Chronic exposure to high stress may also cause adrenal fatigue (caused by too much stress on the adrenal glands, which helps the body regulate stress).

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