Heat wave: good reflexes to protect your heart

High temperatures can be bad for the heart, says the French Federation of Cardiology. Lower the temperature of the bath water, wear loose clothes ... Here are 10 tips to adopt during heat waves.

Météo France has placed this Monday 8 departments in orange vigilance to storms and heatwave. Since this weekend, the temperatures range between 33 and 35 degrees Celsius and should continue today.

An increase that can have consequences on cardiovascular health, explains in a statement, the French Federation of Cardiology. Under the effect of the heat, the small vessels of the skin dilate and the blood is distributed towards the extremities obliging the heart to pump more. The heart rate then increases from 10 to 15 beats / minute. An acceleration that can be problematic for people at risk: heart failure, elderly people, young, fragile children.

Some signs should alert: headache, nausea, intense thirst, muscle cramps in the arms, legs, stomach, unusual aggression, mental confusion, unconsciousness, abnormal sleepiness, abnormally hot, red and dry skin. In case of symptoms, contact 15.

Discover the 10 reflexes to adopt to protect your heart in case of hot weather.

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