2018 World Cup: Antoine Griezmann's secret for scoring goals

The secret of Antoine Griezmann to be at the top at this competition? A natural energy drink whose secrets you are given.

Antoine Griezmann is one of the favorite players of the French. In 2016, he had already won the title of top scorer of the Euro. And his performances at the 2018 World Cup are just beginning! But what is the secret of the number 7 team tricolor to score as many goals?

In a video of the French Football Federation, Griezmann gave a somewhat surprising answer! The footballer is so addicted to an unusual drink : the maté. No super powers so, just an infusion energizing virtues ultra-popular in Latin America. " It's like tea or coffee. I drink all the time before training. It wakes me up ", he says.

Maté, what is it?

Traditional drink coming from South America, the maté is a prepared infusion made from a plant called "yerba maté", whose leaves are deposited at the bottom of a calabash filled with hot water. Then we drink the drink using a steel straw, called "bombilla".

Very common in Uruguay, Paraguay or Argentina, this infusion is consumed daily for its many benefits : rich in vitamins and minerals, excellent source of antioxidants, diuretic and energizing, among others.

It is also the Uruguayan defender Diego Godin of Atlético Madrid who initiated Antoine Griezmann to the maté. The latter would be very attached to the South American culture. Hoping that it brings him luck for the rest of the competition. Come on the Blues!

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