Cancer: the right actions to take care of your skin during treatments

Taking care of your skin is a reflex to have in all circumstances. A ritual that becomes crucial in cancer requiring radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Anti-cancer treatments tend to dry out the epidermis. Tugging, discomfort and irritation can thus appear.

Do not panic ! There are solutions to limit the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The slogans? Sweetness, hydration and protection!

Sun protection on the face

Start by cleaning your face with a non-aggressive product, preferably hypoallergenic, before using a special moisturizer sensitive skin, intolerant or atopic, containing for example shea butter or ceramides.

Finish by applying with a high-index sunscreen, as some treatments may be photosensitizing. Do not forget to put on the ears, lips, neck or even the neck.

Hydration for the body

To preserve the skin of your body, bet on a syndet soap or a surgras bread. Avoid showering with hot, irritating water, and gently dry with a soft towel.

Hydration side, opt for a special cream for sensitive skin, intolerant or atopic.

Before a radiotherapy session, avoid putting cream on the irradiated area. Afterwards, spray thermal water previously placed cool on your skin, let dry and apply a moisturizer.

A gentle shampoo for the hair

We know that hair can also be impacted by radiation and chemotherapy. To protect them, wash them with a mild shampoo the day before the sessions and avoid the shampoos the 3 to 5 following days.

If your hair has fallen as a result of treatments, care for your scalp: Like your skin, it needs to be hydrated.

Do not forget to preserve your nails

The slowing of cell division caused by anti-cancer treatments has an impact on the skin, but not only: the nails can also be affected.

To preserve them, hydration is once again put! Wearing gloves is also essential when doing housework. There are also ways to strengthen the nails during treatments, such as polishes containing silicum.

The hands, feet and lips are also not spared by radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Poor in sebaceous glands, they are particularly sensitive and must also be hydrated.

Which products to use?

Laroche-Posay offers a range of dermocosmetic products adapted to anti-cancer treatments. Rich in niacinamide, shea butter or panthenol, they prevent the cutaneous side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Tips from the guide by Laroche-Posay. More tips on the brand website.

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