Michel Cymes: Furious, he lashes out against the reinstatement of an anti-vaccine professor

After the cancellation of the cancellation of Pr Henri Joyeux, known for his controversial positions on vaccines, Michel Cymes pushed a shot on the face of France 5.

Michel Cymes is angry and he does not hide it. In the Health Magazine, the doctor and animator reacted to the reinstatement of Prof. Henri Joyeux, removed from the Order of Doctors in 2016 because of his anti-vaccine positions.

"So, Henri Joyeux can continue his destructive work", did he declare. A sentence that refers to the two petitions launched by the professor in 2014 and 2015.

The first was to lower the age of HPV vaccination for girls aged 11 to 9 years and the second to a hexavalent vaccine, protecting against six conditions. Professor Henri Joyeux also pointed to the alleged danger of aluminum as adjuvant in vaccines.

In a context of French skepticism about vaccines, Michel Cymes is worried about this decision and speaks directly to Pr Henri Joyeux: "victory will allow you to continue to instil the poison of doubt in the minds of parents who will say that since you have been laundered, it is good that the vaccines are dangerous ".

"I hope for you and your friends that if in a few months or a few years a child dies from an infection because their parents have refused a vaccine as a result of your petitions or your involvement in the media I hope that these parents, feeling responsible, will not ask you to be accountable, because to be a doctor, Mr. Joyeux, is to be responsible. "he concludes.

The National Council of the Medical Association has decided to oppose this decision taken by the National Disciplinary Chamber of the College of Physicians, and lodges an appeal.

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