Probiotics to prevent osteoporosis?

Probiotics (bacteria, fungi, yeasts ...) are billions to colonize our gut. These good bacteria do not just protect the digestive system. An imbalance of our intestinal flora is at the origin of the appearance of certain diseases, by modulating the response of our immune system. The microbiota could come in support of cancer treatments for example.

A new study *, conducted by researchers at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), investigated the effects of probiotics on a typical pathology of older people, particularly menopausal women: osteoporosis.

They asked a group of 90 women aged 75 to 80, low bone mineral density, to take either a food supplement containing the bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri (one of those that colonize our microbiota) or a placebo supplement for one year. At the end of the experiment, they measured the bone loss by scanner. And found that women who took these active bacteria lost half as much bone tissue as those who received the placebo supplement. This is the first time that a study shows that intestinal bacteria can modify the skeleton in humans (such conclusions had already been made on the mouse). And even if the beneficial effect was quite small compared to the drugs used to treat osteoporosis (the first-line bisphosphonates), this study suggests that taking these supplements could be considered to prevent bone loss as soon as possible. 50 years.

Every year in France, more than 376,000 fractures are due to osteoporosis.

* whose results are published in the Journal of Internal Medicine

Video: Probiotics for Bone Health (November 2019).


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