#migrainepose, the photos that scandalize the Net surfers

To hold your head as if you had a migraine to take a selfie is the new pose trend. And she does not please everyone.

Fishgape, duckface ... The poses adopted to take a selfie are all more amazing than the others. The last trend posture? The migraine pose!

It is the Namvo makeup artist who named this way of posing, which consists of putting one or two hands on the temples, as if one had a headache. Many starlets such as Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid or Emily Ratajkowski have adopted it.

But the name given to this pose which "refines the face, highlights the cheekbones and raises the eyebrows", according to Elle US, is not unanimous. And for good reason: for some Internet users, it's a way to make fun of migraine.

"Oh yes, I really have time to take this pose while my migraine gives me the impression that someone stabs my brain", quipped a surfer. "Chronic pain is not glamorous", "Migraine is a real disease", "It's an insult to all those who suffer", can we also read on Instagram.

This disease, often confused with simple headaches, affects about 12% of the world's population.

In the face of criticism, the makeup artist Namvo made her mea culpa: "It was not meant to be offensive or hurt anyone's feelings, I'm touched by the personal stories you shared (...) I want you all happy and healthy!"she explained.

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