Diabetes: dogs able to save the lives of patients

A French association offers diabetics a new form of particularly effective assistance: dogs able to monitor their blood sugar.

Sniffer dogs capable of detecting cancer, four-legged companions on whom to count in the event of a hard blow ... The best friend of the man has not finished to surprise us. Now, we also know that some dogs are able to help diabetic patients to detect any abnormality related to their blood glucose.

Already offered abroad (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia) in recent years, these rescue dogs landed in France on the initiative of the Acadia association: "Thanks to the training they followed, they acquired many skills. The first of these is the ability to detect the evolution of glycemia and the risk of occurrence of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia due to hormones secreted by the human body in these situations.

The Ricci family is one of the first to have hosted one of these dogs. France 3 collected the testimony of family members. Hugo, 15, has "unbalanced diabetes". A form of diabetes that can put one's life in danger: "Hugo can quickly falling into a coma for lack of sugar", explained her mother to our colleagues.To avoid these risks, she used to wake up every 3 hours to control her blood sugar .. But since the arrival of Medley, the daily life of the family has changed: As soon as the dog spots an anomaly, he gives the alert and wakes up Hugo by giving him muzzle shots.

Today in France, more than 25,000 children are in the same situation as Hugo. This 98% reliable solution could change their daily lives. But the waiting list is long: the cost of training dogs is high (30,000 euros), and therefore does not allow to train enough canine assistants.

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