Osteoporosis: Probiotics to fight against bone loss, it works!

According to a Swedish study, probiotics have a protective effect on bones. A new trail to prevent osteoporosis, a disease that affects three million women in France.

This is a natural phenomenon: over time, our bones become fragile. At a certain age, the slightest fall can have serious consequences for health until a total loss of mobility. It has long been touted as a calcium-rich diet to fight osteoporosis.

Swedish scientists have found a new way to prevent this disease that attacks our bone density: according to them, supplementation probiotics protect and strengthen the bones effectively. The Food and Agriculture Organization United Nations and WHO that define probiotics as "living micro-organisms that, when consumed in adequate amounts, produce a benefit to the health of the host".

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden have just demonstrated their influence on the health of our bones. The study is based on a panel of 90 women aged 75 to 80, all with bone density problems. These women were separated into two groups. The first received a probiotic supplement (from Lactobacillus reuteri ) and the other a placebo. Conclusion: the participants of the "probiotic" group saw their loss of bone density stop.

According to Dr. Mattias Lorentzon, author of the study, there are already good drugs against osteoporosis. But unfortunately, bone fragility is rarely detected before a first fracture. Hence the importance of setting up a preventive treatment. And that's where probiotics seem to have a role to play.

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