FOBO: What is this phenomenon that prevents you from making a choice?

You can not make a choice because you fear to find better later? So you may be concerned with the FOBO phenomenon.

You adore a garment but you do not take it, because you think you can find better somewhere else? We invite you to an evening, but you refuse, hoping to receive a better proposal? In the end, you find yourself alone in the evening. If you feel concerned, you may be affected by the FOBO (Fear Of Better Options), "afraid of the best options", in French. An "evil" that affects more and more people, in a society where there are so many choices.

The FOBO is the ceaseless search for all possible options, lest you miss a better option. Result: you regret not having made a decision earlier, you lost your time, energy, and you often end up being disappointed.

A simple solution to fix it

New York Times columnist Tim Herrera suggests a simple solution. It is called the MFD (Mostly Fine Decision), which can be translated as the "main good decision". It's a question of being satisfied with the first decision, the one you are ready to choose, even if in absolute terms it is not the best option. You will save time, energy, and you will be more satisfied.

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