The 6 health benefits of birch sap

Extremely nutrient-rich sap leaves give it all its strength: birch has everything we need. 6 good reasons to take a cure.

Birch sap helps us stay in shape

For France Guillain *, navigator at the origin of the well-being method that bears her name, it is undoubtedly the sap of birch that offers the most benefits to our health: " it's a living drink stuffed with essential nutrients, a real gift from nature that no one should ever miss "It is rich in vitamins, amino acids and trace elements such as magnesium, this translucent liquid that flows from the tree has a slightly sweet taste." Consume regularly this natural fortifier would be an excellent means to gain tone and prevent certain conditions such as stones, joint pain or rheumatism.

She is the queen of detox

For effective drainage of the body, we can count on the diuretic and depurative virtues of birch juice, obtained from a decoction of the leaves of the tree. Consumed pure or diluted in water, you can add a little lemon juice according to your tastes. But sap also has a role to play in eliminating toxins: by stimulating the emunctories (bodies responsible for evacuating waste), it helps our body to get rid of the superfluous. To do well, we advise a cure twice a year at the time of the changes of season, and a fasting intake of preference.

Birch sap is good for our bones

Calcium is an essential mineral salt for bone building. With phosphorus, which is involved in the fixation and use of calcium, it is he who ensures the strength of our skeleton and our teeth. Good news, birch sap is full of these two allies against osteoporosis. As a bonus, it also contains organic silicon, a valuable asset in case of fractures or weakening of the cartilage.

She wants good with our skin

Birch sap is also believed to have significant effects on skin, nails and hair. A cure can help all those who suffer from psoriasis, eczema or scabs. The best time to start: "In spring, at the time of harvest. But it keeps very well in the fridge, and you can eat all year round. " explains France Guillain. For an optimal result, we usually advise 5 liters of sap to take a 20-day course, with a daily dose of a quarter of a liter to be taken between meals (125 ml in the morning, then 125 ml in the afternoon) .

It is the ally of our silhouette

It must be said, there is little chance that the birch helps you refine if you do not adapt your diet. On the other hand, a cure of birch sap can work wonders on cellulite and water retention when one adopts the good reflexes: " zap sodas, alcohol, tobacco, and liquid dairy products for the time of the cure, reduce the coffee, eat more raw foods and take the time to chew well. You can hope to see the bad fat around the waist and thighs ", says France Guillain.

It protects us from aging

This vegetable elixir does not stop the time, it helps us preserve our cells from the aggressions related to the way of life. Like all plants, birch sap contains manganese, a powerful antioxidant. But it also has an explosive cocktail to fight cell aging: copper, which helps free radicals maintain their antioxidant function; flavonoids and selenium that protects neurons.

How to choose your birch sap?

Opt for products from organic farms, where the trees are not treated with pesticides. It is now easily found in organic and dietary stores (Santarôme, Ladrôme ...). And to make the most of the benefits of birch sap, you can choose it fresh rather than pasteurized. Some producers even offer to order their harvest on the internet (SoSève, Vegetal Water, Birch sap des Vosges ...).

* Author of Birch sap, a sacred drink (Éditions du Rocher)

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