6 new oils to adopt to take care of my health

Olive oil, we love it! But do you know those of macadamia or inca inchi? To boost your vegetables or crudités, vary the seasonings. Reserved for bare-bones use, discover the virtues of 6 trendy oils and with which foods to associate them to reinforce their health benefits.

Hemp: with spices

Strong point: a ratio omega 6 / omega 3 perfect because equal to 4. Indeed, the right balance is 8 g of omega 6 and 2 g of omega 3 per day. If there is more omega 6 or less omega 3, there is imbalance, which induces inflammation in the body.

To associate with: spices or foods sources of anti-inflammatory polyphenols: turmeric, ginger, berries, brown algae (wakame, kombu) to use as a replacement for herbs.

Macadamia: with southern vegetables

Strong point: omega 9, which is more than 80% (more than in olive oil), unsaturated fats that lower the bad cholesterol (LDL).

Combine with: zucchini, eggplant, beans, oat bran or garlic, which also regulate cholesterol, thanks to their fibers or polyphenols.

Pistachio: with lamb's lettuce

Strong point: 1 tablespoon provides 40% of the recommended intake of essential omega 6.

To associate with: salads rich in omega 3, purslane, spinach, lamb's lettuce, since it is advisable to consume both types of fat simultaneously. To boost omega 3, we can add chia seeds or linseed or 1 slice of smoked salmon.

Safflower: with colorful vegetables

Strong point: gamma-linolenic acid, a rare omega 6 in food, which ensures a good hydration of the epidermis.

To associate with: plants rich in beta-carotene, pigment that gives good appearance and protects the skin of the sun: sweet potato, carrot, melon, dandelion, parsley ...

Wheat germ: with lemon

Strong point: its wealth of vitamin E (1 tablespoon = 125% of the recommended intake), a super antioxidant preventive cell aging.

To associate with: fruits or vegetables rich in vitamin C: lemon or orange juice, spinach, pepper and / or beta-carotene: apricot, carrot, for a synergistic antioxidant effect.

Inca Inchi: with a Mexican salad

Strong point: an exceptional content of omega 3 (1 teaspoon = 100% of the recommended intake), essential to memory and vision.

To associate with: with foods rich in lutein or zeaxanthin, pigments that protect the eyes from the sun and blue light screens: corn, peas, lettuce, eggs.

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