NLP (or neuro-linguistic programming): what is the cure for this brief therapy?

Do you know NLP? This set of techniques that aims to regain self-control knows more and more success. Decryption of this brief therapy.

NLP, what is it?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), created in the 1970s in the United States by a professor of linguistics, John Grinder and a mathematician and psychotherapist, Richard Bandler, is a therapy that aims to learn to use his brain differently. This is a kind of user manual to overcome some blockages or anxiety deep for example.

It works on the principle ofan observation grid focus around emotions felt to improve our perception of a problem. This therapy offers a new approach through different mental schemas and allows to fix Goals and to determine the means to realize them. Its purpose: to stimulate creativity.

What can be treated by NLP?

Solve personal problems like a breaking or one mourning, overcome his shyness or his stressthe field of action of neurolinguistic programming is very broad. It is recommended as much to cure psychological disorders and of eating behaviors symptoms of post-traumatic stress or TOC.

Similarly, this brief therapy has the particularity of helping people in difficulty to precise project, as an important examination. Indeed, working with the NLP therapist allows you to develop many capacity : leadership, self-confidence, oral fluency, creativity ... So many beneficial impacts on healing of health problems, on identity disorders or those of passengers.

How is an NLP session?

NLP is what is called a brief therapy, that is, that depending on the patient, between two sessions and two years of consultation are required to the maximum. But each session is unique: indeed, the course of the consultations changes, because it adapts to the need of the patient.

On the other hand, the same frame is followed for the first session in particular. During his preliminary interview, the therapist brings his patient to formulate the objective, the purpose of his visit. Depending on the answers given by the consultant, operation mode the therapist will change in order to stick to his needs.

In addition to the sessions, practical exercises the patient: for example, listen carefully to the voice of a person who has just been met to adapt to this new environment, to learn techniques of breathing to manage a stress or an anxiety attack ...

The price of each session varies between 45 to 70 € and the consultation lasts on average 1 hour. Some therapists participate in seminars professional to give tools to improve the communication, the sale, or the management within a company.

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