Lupus: what are the symptoms of this disease?

Autoimmune disease, lupus is a condition that mainly affects the immune system. Focus on the different symptoms of this disease.

Lupus, what is it?

The lupus is a autoimmune disease Chronic type - that is, it is the immune system itself that kills the cells of the body. It affects especially the joints but also the skin, the kidneys, the heart, and many other organs. This condition develops more in women old to have children, between 15 and 40 years old in general.

What are the symptoms of lupus?

The symptoms are as different as the patients. Whether it's joint pain, disorders of vision and venous thromboses, each case is unique. However, we can draw up a list of recurring troubles in patients with lupus:

One of the most common manifestations of lupus are joint pain. These painful arthralgias are accompanied by stiffness and joint swelling. Depending on the case, the wrists, fingers, ankles and feet are the most affected. These pains wake up mainly the night, which causes great fatigue in patients.

On the skin side, eruptions are manifested mainly at the level of the face: indeed, it forms an imposing red plate, located on the top of the cheeks and with the root of the nose. These rednesses are in the form of butterfly wings. Development of raised, "crusted" plaques is also possible in patients. They appear mainly on the face and the scalp.

The risk of developing a vein thrombosis or arterial is quite common in patients. Indeed, the formation of blood clots is more important in patients with lupus. There is also a greater difficulty in breathing properly. This type of chest pain is often associated with coughing. of the edema legs are also possible. Finally, the kidneys are also often affected: a renal impairment is very regularly seen in patients. Urine tests are organized regularly.

Psychological side, Neurological disorders are expected... Patients often develop a depressive state and have difficulty keeping ideas clear. Some people have memory problems and a form of exacerbated susceptibility ...

Some patients may also lose their hair, have a blurred vision and a dry eyeas well as headaches. In addition, lupus patients experience a change in weight (loss or intake) as well as sudden fever and swollen lymph nodes.

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