Against hypertension, eat mangoes!

Rich in fiber, this tropical fruit with orange and juicy flesh helps fight against constipation and is known for its soothing properties for the stomach. But mango is not only the ally of the belly. Full of vitamins and minerals, it has interesting antioxidant properties. It is a source of potassium and magnesium, which would make it a cure of choice for patients with high blood pressure.

A first (and small) test on its vascular effects of mango among seniors has confirmed the claims already proven in animals. Researchers at the University of California have invited a group of postmenopausal and healthy women to consume about 300 grams a day for two weeks. They then had to follow a diet without this fleshy fruit the next thirteen days, for comparison.

As a result, the systolic blood pressure and heart rate recorded by scientists dropped significantly only two hours after eating mango. For researchers, the consumption of this fruit would help relax the arteries and protect cardiovascular risks. Beneficial effects probably due to its richness in different polyphenols. These famous polyphenols, which are known to play an anticancer role. In short, even if it comes from far away, summer or winter, we do not hesitate!

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