Antidepressants: a deadly risk?

This is a finding that may cause anxiety among patients on antidepressants. Researchers at McMaster University in Canada have shown a significantly higher risk of death in people treated with antidepressants than in others. By studying the effects of these molecules on 380,000 patients, they found that those who took them regularly increased their risk of death by 33% in patients without cardiovascular disease. To this, several explanations: antidepressants thinning the blood, they increase the risk of internal hemorrhage or stroke. In addition, antidepressants are not without effects on several vital organs - heart, lungs, liver ... - which need serotonin and dopamine to function properly. Antidepressants modify the production of these substances, which also affect mood and behavior.

The author of the study, Paul Andrews, warns, "We are very concerned about these results," he says, "we should not take antidepressants without understanding exactly how they interact with the body. that these drugs, for most people, do more harm than good and that doctors should not usually prescribe them. " France, which stands out for industrial consumption of psychotropic drugs, is in the front line. It may be time to take a step back and try alternative solutions.

Video: Dr. Jordan Rullo discusses antidepressants and sexual dysfunction (October 2019).


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