Red white blue trend

Blue-white-red: it is the association of colors to have in his cupboard this season. We love their side "frenchy" but we avoid the effect July 14 by learning to dose them!

Chauvine, fashion this summer? A little still to see flourish tricolor collections in shop windows. It must be said that the creators, from Kenzo to Lacoste through Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs, went free on the catwalks of spring-summer 2016 to make colors of the French flag the new fashion banner.

Why do we like them?
Like it or not, our eye is accustomed since childhood to these three shades: we see them every July 14 and we brandished them with pride as soon as a sporting victory brings back the French coat of arms! Fashion side, it's simple: between the passion red, denim blue and white that goes everywhere, even without really wanting it, our closet is full of patriotic colors!

How are they worn?
In 2016, we assume their first degree and we dare the blue-white-red polo, like that of the Coq Sportif. If we stay in a sportswear register, it's possible. Sneakers, sneakers, beach shoes: let go! Ditto with the stripes: this summer, the more we mix the colors between them, the better!
By cons, when we go out in town, we go soft. The most soft solution? Match your denim or jean suit, naturally blue, to a two-tone top or sweater, red and white. Another equally easy alternative is to pull out your marinière and put it on bright red trousers. Simple and even more effective if you enhance it with a pair of tricolor heels! A total winning look!

Video: Red White and Blue Outfits (December 2019).


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