Lipstick, what texture for me?

He perfects the make-up, gives a good look, restores the lips: the lipstick is our beauty asset. But between classic sticks, gloss, liquid formulas, it is not always easy to navigate. Here are some tips to guide you.

• The red stick
Mix of wax and pigments, this is the oldest formula on the market. It is applied directly to the grapes or brush for more precision. There is a multitude of shades, from the nude to the darkest and different choices of textures (matte, creamy ...) and effects (metallic, iridescent ...). Only problem, you have to put several times in the day, because its color does not hold well.

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• The gloss
Its formula based on glycerine provides a maximum of shine. It is usually applied directly with the applicator. The gloss is ideal for thin lips because it gives a volume effect. It applies alone or on a lipstick. And if in the 80s, it had to support its "ultra sticky" side, today the formulas have been reworked and are much more enjoyable.

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• Lip oils
The Yves Saint-Laurent brand first came up with the idea of ​​bringing out this water-based formula, which is much more fluid than a classic lipstick. The pigments are deposited on the lips and tint very slightly, for a brilliant result. Ideal for editing in the day to enhance the color of the lipstick. Way "top coat", lip oils are useful for women with striated lips, to erase this aspect.

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• Matt liquid lipsticks
These lipsticks consist of an oily base and volatile oils that dry out to leave a powdery / velvety appearance on the lips. This is the formula that takes the longest and to remove makeup, it will take a lotion based on oil. Today, some brands have injected into the compositions, pearlescent and glittery effects, for a brighter and less matt result.

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Thanks to Ludovic Engrand, make up artist, Urban Decay.

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