How to create a lamp in a shoebox?

Ideal to give character to our decor, the pretty lamps are not so easy to find. And if we had a modern in a simple shoe box? Come on, we demo you on video.

Lightweight and easy to make, these lamps are made simply from a simple cardboard box. Discover the principle of this technique, and adapt it to the format that suits your room! A nice deco idea not expensive really nice.

Have a shoebox a little solid, or a box Decopatch (in the store of Creative Leisure). You will need a socket connected to a socket and a switch. If you can not find this kit ready, you can mount it yourself by following the video tutorial presented on Then to decorate your lamp, plan acrylic paint (here black, but you can vary the color!), Tracing paper or translucent. Paper pencil, glue, cutter and scissors, and you're equipped!

Start by hollowing out the lid: trace the desired shape in a pencil of paper before cutting it with a cutter. On the side of the box, cut a cross with the cutter in which you can slide the sleeve.

Credit: Peter Fehrentz

Paint the outside of the box. If you opt for a light color, pass several layers of white paint to hide the background. Once the paint dries, cut the paper that will come to hide the bulb. With an inkjet printer, you can print a photo on this paper if it is a good-sized layer. Paste this paper on the back of the lid. Slide the socket into the box, then screw the led bulb (which does not heat). You can with the box of scissors make some holes on the sides of the box to evacuate some heat. All you have to do is fix your lamp on the wall with double-sided mirror adhesive, for example.

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Video: DIY Shoebox Lantern (December 2019).


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