Decorate your bars with cold porcelain

Fruits, flowers, candies ... put color in your hair with WePAM cold porcelain paste for example, easy to model and that gives free rein to your imagination. Make a multitude of shapes that you will be able to stick on a whole lot of objects: notebooks, clips, headband, photo albums ...


WePAM paste (porcelain modeling) of different colors

Wemoules molds of different shapes

Hand cream

Clamps or barrettes metal to customize, on Pearls & co

A glue gun


Step 1

Spread cream on your hands to prevent WePAM paste from sticking to your skin. Choose colors according to the selected shape. Take a small piece of dough and knead it to soften it. Put it in the mold, being careful not to protrude at the edges.

Advice : start with the part of the biggest shape (the main color) and finish by filling the holes of the shape for the finishes.

2nd step

Wait about 3 minutes for the dough to dry before unmolding your shapes. Unmold and let them dry for a whole day so that the dough hardens well.

Step 3

Using the glue gun, put a dot of glue on the reverse of your shapes and stick them on a bar or on a headband.

Customize according to your desires all your hair accessories. Also, your WePAM paste shapes can be used in your scrapbooking creations or be glued on boxes, photo albums or notebooks.

Creation: Julie Adore
Texts: Anaïs Thiébaux

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