Horoscope of the summer 2018 for the Virgin

Natives of the astrological sign of the Virgin (August 23 - September 22), discover the predictions of our astrologer Marc Angel for the summer of 2018.

The time of renewal! This summer, Uranus produces its best effects, since its entry into Taurus mid-May. You start a real turn. A succession of happy, important and exciting events confirms this.

Horoscope of the summer 2018 for the Virgin: your forecasts for the month of July

And if love gave you wings, to take off from reality? Venus arrives on the 11th, arms loaded with romantic surprises. Single, someone charming, not necessarily sticking to your criteria, you court. Good, Uranus look to originality to spice up life. In a relationship with, July promises to be festive and constructive. You animate your days by sharing new activities. You build the future by putting together a new, big and beautiful project. The Virgin wise is crazy, you spend more this summer. Without regretting anything, promising you to fill the gap with imminent, or even greater, income.

The dates that count in July 2018 for the Virgin

  • Friday the 13th, the new Moon in Cancer brings good news with the family. Who knows if it will not be supplemented by a financial bonus?
  • Between the 20th and the 29th, the tandem Venus / Pluto opens up new horizons, able to promote better living conditions.

Horoscope of the summer 2018 for the Virgin: your forecasts for the month of August

Impossible for the Virgin to live with love and fresh water. After the cooing July, place to the ambitions aoûtienne. And Martian, with the return of the red planet in Capricorn on the 14th. A click occurs as a result of an interview or proposal. You are heading in another direction, interesting for your career, financially advantageous. Good news, you have a great shape to reach your goal. And the heart? Yours is reassured by delicate attentions, kept promises and unfailing support. The arrival of Sun the 24th promotes friendly exchanges related to your activity. The associations are happy and fruitful.

The dates that count in August 2018 for the Virgin

  • From 1 to 5, enjoy the last days of Venus in your sign to finalize a project with your spouse or your entourage.
  • Between the 8th and the 17th, hindsight Uranus Encourage you to live an amazing and exciting love affair. But without danger.

Three tips for the Virgin to spend a beautiful summer

1. Believe in your charisma, develop it, it will help you to have more confidence in you.

2. Forget the details to get to the point. No need to quibble for glitches, often innocuous.

3. Practice a sport exercise with two or more people. One way to make the session more user-friendly.

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